Over two thousand five hundred years ago, the prophet Ezekiel foretold a future day when the spirit of YHWH would stir the scattered remnants of Israel and restore them to life (Ezekiel 37:11-14). He also prophesied that a second scriptural record would come forth from Joseph to Judah, in the hand of Ephraim, to be used by YHWH to gather all of scattered Israel home into one people and one family that He will again claim as His own (Ezekiel 37:15-23).

This is that prophesied record. 

The Stick of Joseph in the Hand of Ephraim is a first-temple-period, sacred Jewish text, written by a prophetic family from the tribe of Joseph, who fled Jerusalem in 600 BCE, prior to the Babylonian destruction. YHWH led them for years in the wilderness and finally brought them “over the wall” to the ancient American continent, in fulfillment of Jacob’s final blessing to Joseph (Genesis 49:22).

For a thousand years, these ancient Jews built their civilization, fought wars, served the God of Israel, and kept this holy record. When their civilization ended in destruction (421 CE), their final prophet, M’roni, hid this record in the ground, to come forth at a future time and begin the restoration of scattered Israel to its former glory. 

Because those who kept the record left Jerusalem and the Eastern Hemisphere prior to the Babylonian captivity, this is the only Hebrew Messianic/ascension document in existence that has not been influenced by later entanglements with Babylon, Greece or Rome. It is the most sublime and direct Jewish ascension text in existence. 

YHWH, who keeps His covenants, has now decreed the restoration of His people Israel, by sending the Stick of Joseph to Judah in the hand of Ephraim. This Hebraic-roots translation restores the ancient Hebraic record, written by Jews—for Jews—to provide a clear understanding of Israel’s God, His work now underway, and the coming age of Mashiach.

First published at Rosh Hashanah 5780 (2019 CE), The Stick of Joseph is YHWH’s call to all the House of Israel. He has not forgotten His people, and He invites all to return to Him, remember His covenants with their fathers, become His people once again, and prepare for the glorious day of Mashiach.


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Information about the Text

First, this is not just an old book with a new title. Its starting point was the New Covenants version of text, with the following changes made to restore the Hebraic nature of the original:

  1. Archaic language and terms updated to modern English.
  2. Common Christian terms replaced with their culturally correct Hebraic equivalents.
  3. Major names altered to their Hebraic spellings.
  4. Names of deity given in their Hebraic forms.
  5. Extensive footnoting to provide explanation of the underlying Hebraic nature of the text.
  6. Text and quotations from the Tanak (Old Testament) noted in bold.
  7. Explanations and introduction properly couching the text in its historic and cultural setting as a first-temple-period Hebraic text, written by Jewish refugees from Jerusalem.
  8. A glossary of Hebraic names and terms, with their definitions and Hebrew spellings, where applicable.
  9. A reference list of Tanak (Old Testament) prophecies fulfilled by this work.

The text is written in English, with Hebrew terms defined in the glossary. This volume contains no “Christian” language or culturally inappropriate references and is suitable for a Jewish audience. A non-Jewish audience will find the text accessible with the help of the glossary, and will experience new insights into the book and its teachings because of the Hebraic information incorporated into the text. 

The above changes were made by a group of dedicated volunteers, over the course of several months, comprising thousands of hours of effort. These changes were authorized by the Lord.

More Information

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