The Most Sublime and Direct Israelite Ascension Text in Existence

The Stick of Joseph in the Hand of Ephraim is a sacred, first-temple-period, Israelite text, written by a prophetic family from the tribe of Joseph, who fled Jerusalem in 601 BCE, prior to the Babylonian destruction. YHWH led them for years in the wilderness and finally brought them “over the wall” to the ancient American continent, in fulfillment of Jacob’s final blessing to Joseph (Genesis 49:22).

For a thousand years, these ancient Israelites built their civilization, fought wars, served the God of Israel, and kept this holy record for their future descendants. When their civilization ended in destruction (420 CE), their final prophet, M’roni, hid this record in the ground, to come forth in our day and begin the restoration of scattered Israel to its former glory. 

This is their message to their future posterity, preserved for thousands of years, and prepared by God for you, today. Will you hear it?