The Stick of Joseph in the Hand of Ephraim now Available!

Happy Chanukah!

We are very pleased to make the following announcement: 

The Stick of Joseph in the Hand of Ephraim is now available for immediate order in print-on-demand paperback and hardback versions. The story of this text covers thousands of years, originating as a Hebraic record kept by a prophetic Israelite family for a thousand years, followed by 1400 years buried in the ground of upstate New York, USA, then miraculous discovery and translation by Yosef ben Yosef, 190 years of Gentile efforts to thwart, disguise and misuse the record, and finally restoration and publication in its current form. 

It’s an amazing story, about which much more will be written in upcoming blog posts on this site. 

Today is a symbolic and remarkable day of celebration. Consider the days leading up to it: 

  • Depending on your time zone, December 21 or 22 marked the Winter Solstice, and the return of light to the world. 
  • The evening of December 22 marked the beginning of Chanukah, and the lighting of the first candle for the Festival of Light.
  • Today, December 23, is the anniversary of the birth of Yosef ben Yosef (Joseph Smith, Jr.) who recovered and translated the hidden record, and set in motion the marvelous work that continues to bring light to a darkening world. 

Each of these three days marks increasing light, all symbolically pointing to this long-prophesied record, and ultimately to Mashiach, of whom the record testifies. 

The publication of this text is the result of thousands of hours of volunteer labor, as well as signifiant financial sacrifice by those who seek no reward other than to obey the God of Israel. Therefore, this book is offered for sale at publisher’s price, with the specific intent of eliminating any profit from its sale. Electronic versions will also be made available for download at no cost.

In the coming weeks and months, much more will be written here about this singular record. Until then, we hope you will read and consider the remarkable message it contains. The God of Israel speaks now, to all the world, and to all the House of Israel through the record He promised would come. Will you hear it?